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Synopsis: Synopsis: In 1999 in New York City a man murders the owner of a Massage Parlour as two children watch and hide. One of the Children become a Detective in search of their mothers killer, the other is unknown. 20 years later another Massacre occurs at the same location, which re-opens the original murder case. This story is a prequel to Demented as it introduces most of the characters including the Detective Chainsaw Chuck and Senica Ennis.

Stars: Felissa Rose, Dakota House, Mark Patton, Robert Mukes, Shelia Platt, Nigel Hartwell

Producers: Nigel Hartwell, Manton Harding

Writer/Director: Nigel Hartwell

Format: 4k

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Rating: R

Shoot Date: Feb 28 2023 - Sept 2023

Release Date: September Sept13th 2024

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